Mission Scranton
Urban Ministries

Mission Scranton is an urban outreach ministry founded in 1994 which is directed by Dr. Mike Stallard for the purpose of reaching the Scranton, Pennsylvania area for Christ.

Mission Scranton is an approved ministry and under the authority of Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania where Dr. Stallard is a member.


The Mission Statement of Mission Scranton:  To bring glory to God by


Facilitating the planting of Baptist churches in the Scranton area with a focus on outreach ministries to multi-housing units, and


Providing a training ground to expose seminary and college students to urban, cross-cultural, & multi-ethnic ministries.

Mission Scranton is also an approved ministry of Project Jerusalem, the Church Planting Division of Baptist Bible Seminary.  Project Jerusalem assists local churches in starting new churches by providing field training for qualifying students who can serve on church planting teams.

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[Home Page for Mission Arlington]
Mission Arlington is the ministry which provides a model for many of the features in Mission Scranton.


"Taking the Church
to the People"

Advisory Board:
Mike Stallard, Director
Howard Bixby
Dennis Wilhite
Gary Day
Rich McGhee

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