Dr. Mike Stallard

Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University, 1979-81)
Basic Mathematics
College Algebra
Statistics and Probability

Arlington Baptist College (1990-92)
Pentateuch: Genesis
Pentateuch: Exodus through Deuteronomy
Prophetic Books:  Isaiah
Prophetic Books:  Daniel, Jeremiah & Lamentations, Ezekiel
Outreach Ministries
Pauline Epistles: 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Prison Epistles
Pauline Epistles:  Pastoral Epistles, 1 & 2 Corinthians
Job & Proverbs
Bible Study Methods

Baptist Bible Seminary (1994-Present)
Masters Level
Book of Acts
Daniel & Revelation
Theology of Urban Ministry
Dispensational Premillennialism
Christology & Soteriology
Foundations of the Christian Faith
Angelology & Anthropology
Church & Baptist Distinctives
History of Christian Doctrine
The Rapture & the Tribulation
Pauline Theology
Johannine Theology
Church History
Introduction to Apologetics
Leadership Strategies for Apologetic Ministries
Apologetics in the Early Church Fathers
Developing a Christian Worldview
Personal Evangelism
Training Others in Evangelism

Doctoral Level
D.Min. —
The Centrality of the Scriptures for Ministry
Prophetic Themes that Impact the Church Today
Biblical Theology of Leadership

Research Module
Theological French
Seminar in Advanced Issues in Theological Method
The History of Christian Doctrine
Teaching Contextualized Theology Cross-Culturally (assisted)
Issues in Eschatology (course facilitator)
Studies in the History of Dispensationalism
Studies in Bible and Science Issues
Analysis of New Testament Books
Advanced Issues in Dispensational Bible Analysis
Bible Chronology
Issues in Contemporary Hermeneutical Theory
Interdisciplinary Seminars and Communication Practicums