I graduated from Butler High School in Huntsville, Alabama in 1971.  It was that year that a song came out in an album with the same name — “Come Back Home” (shown here–released by United Artists).  It was by Bobby Goldsboro who had already become my favorite songwriter and singer.  He crossed over from country to soft rock to pop and all around.  I enjoyed his style.  But this song more than all the others got my attention.  “Come Back Home” is a song that is a prayer asking for the Lord Jesus to return to earth– “if only for the children, come back home” says the last line of the chorus. 

What is especially intriguing is that I did not become a Christian until 1974.  Why would I listen to this kind of a song?  I played it over and over and over.  I think the reason was that the Spirit of God was speaking to my heart.  I was listening to Billy Graham whenever he came on television.  I had picked up a Bible to try to understand it.  I was in search mode for my life.  This was one aspect of my search.  The song captivated me and made me think about the fact that the Bible said Jesus was still alive and that he was coming back.  The song told me we would not make it on our own if He did not come back.

I may never get to meet Bobby Goldsboro and I don’t know what he really believes about the Lord.  But I do know I still appreciate his music and I remember this song from time to time having downloaded it on my computer.  Mr. Goldsboro will probably never know the influence his song had in my life.  It is interesting that eschatology became one of my major academic interests and my Ph.D. dissertation was partly in this area.  Goldsboro’s song may then be seen as a harbinger of things to come in more ways than one.  Below are the words to the song:

There’s a man I’ve read about
And they say he lives forever
When the world was filled with sin
He came and brought the world together
Then he left us on our own
Now it’s time again for him to come back home

‘Cause this world is full of hate
He’s got to come before it’s too late
‘Cause we can’t make it on our own
And it’s time again for him to come back home

Come back home
Make the streams flow to the valleys
And take away the clouds that hide the sun
Come back home
Teach each man to love his neighbor
And give us one more chance to right the wrong we’ve done
If only for the children come back home

You gave us trees
We cut them down
Your sky of blue
We’ve make it hazy
Your lakes and streams
They’re dark and cold
And it’s time again for you to come back home

‘Cause our time is running out
And the world is slowly dying
The things we done have all gone wrong
And it’s time again for you to come back home

Yes, it’s time again for you to come back home