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Leaving Baptist Bible Seminary for Friends of Israel

Many people already know. But I need to make an announcement here just in case. I have resigned my position as Dean of Baptist Bible Seminary effective June 1 and have accepted the position of Director of International Ministries for Friends of Israel.

I worked for BBS for 22 years. Never been treated better any place I have been. So I am thankful for the many paths the Lord has led me down in the best ministry I’ve had to this point in my life. When I think of my students at the seminary and the students from the college that worked with me in Mission Scranton, I have no regrets. God has been more than gracious to me.

But a new challenge awaits. I hope I am up to it. Cindy and I will live for the time being in Clarks Summit.

Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

The eighth annual Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics has been scheduled for September 16-17, 2015 at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  Our topic this year is “Dispensationalism, Israel, and the Church.”  I am doing a paper on what Israel and the Church share from a traditional dispensational point of view.  I believe that we often times spend all of our time discussing the distinctions.  This is appropriate since it marks dispensationalism as unique.  However, Israel and the Church do share some things in God’s design for those institutions.  We must not lose sight of that side of things.  I am looking forward to the interaction at our Council.  Anyone is welcome to attend as an observer.  There is no charge for the two-day Council.  For more information for registration see

Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics

This year a group of traditional dispensational professors from several different schools will descend upon the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas for meetings on October 3-4.  They will be joined by pastors, students, and other observers, especially from the Houston metropolitan area.  This will be the fifth annual meeting of the Council.  However, it will be the first not held at Baptist Bible Seminary.  The decision has been made to meet in a different part of North America every other year.  The goal is to network more broadly with traditional dispensationalists, both professors and pastors.  Next year (2013) we will be back on the beautiful campus of Baptist Bible College & Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

The theme for this year’s 2012 Council is “Dispensationalism and Biblical Preaching.”  Although we are sometimes accused of a theology based upon “simple Bible readings” mixed with “presupposed theological systems,” we are not embarrassed by a focus on inductive Bible study and expository preaching.  Not all traditional dispensationalists, however, preach consistently with what they believe biblically and theologically.  There is too much application without exposition.  One can find strange typology popping out at certain points.  The development of themes sometimes sloganizes the Bible instead of providing genuine exposition of the sacred text.  This ought not to be so.  If anyone should practice biblical expository preaching, it is traditional dispensationalists!

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Walter Kaiser and the Barndollar Lectures

I have more details on the Barndollar Lectures to be held at Baptist Bible College & Seminary on  September 10-13.  Dr. Walter Kaiser has confirmed the following topics for his four presentations:

Monday, “God’s Promise of the Land to Israel” – Gen 12:2-3, 7

Tuesday, “God’s Promise to Regather Israel Back to Their Land” — Jer 32

Wednesday, “God’s Promise to Revive the Nation and Unify it Once Again”–Eze 37

Thursday, “God’s Gift of a Revival in Egypt”–Isa 19

We look forward to having Dr. Kaiser minister to our students through these messages.  His clear teaching on the national and land promises to Israel has been a blessing down through the years. 

Seminary Internships

When I went to seminary I did not have an internship in a church that was a formal, full-time position where I was mentored by a church pastor and staff to take the content I had learned in the classroom and implement it in real ministry and develop my leadership skills.  Looking back, I really  needed one.  While I respect the small windows of application that I received along the way, it turns out that my first real internship was the first church where I served as lead pastor!  They deserved better…much better.  For five years and three months I learned how not to do church.  The church members were the recipients of my halting yet occasionally effective ministry.  They deserve more than a medal. Read the rest of this entry »