Last January I gave a lectureship (3 messages) at Appalachian Bible College in West Virginia on hermeneutics mostly in light of postmodern culture.  The overall theme of the lectureship was “Scripture, Truth, and Culture.”  The first message entitled “Jesus and Truth” was an exposition of Matthew 22 showing that our Savior does not talk, act, or live like a postmodernist.  The second message entitled “Paul and Truth” was an exposition of Acts 17 (Paul at Mars Hill) showing that the great apostle does not talk, act, or live like a postmodernist.  My third message was “Dispensationalism and Truth” where I discussed the dispensational philosophy of history.

I was asked to cover some of the same material in an unnamed lectureship at my own school, Baptist Bible College & Seminary recently April 12-14, 2011.  The first two messages are the same as the first two at Appalachian Bible College.  For the third message, I was asked to do a book critique of Rob Bell’s recent book Love Wins.  The audio of the messages, manuscripts of the first two messages, and PowerPoints used for all three messages can be found at