Recently, I had one of the strangest things happen to me.  I woke up one morning and my eyesight had changed overnight from farsighted to nearsighted.  I picked up my iPHone and could see it clearly where the night before I needed my glasses to make out anything clearly.  What a strange miracle I thought!  Then I looked up and it was all foggy when I tried to see long distance.  Ouch! In church I could not see the words of the songs on the screen, but could read my Bible clearly without glasses.  The week before the reverse was true.

Such an immediate shift caused some consternation to be sure.  But three doctors’ appointments later a natural explanation was at hand.   I had been given the drug prednisone by my general doctor for a skin rash.  That drug spiked the sugar in my system enormously.  As a result, the lenses in my eyes absorbed excess water and other materials.  This caused the lenses to bulge which changed the refraction in my eyes.  Hence, I went overnight from farsighted to nearsighted.  Of course, my doctors took me off the prednisone and I was put on medicine to help my system regulate the sugar.  The retinal specialist told me that it would take about six weeks for my eyes to return to the state they were in before the change occurred.  After the six weeks were up, another miracle of sorts appeared.  My eyes were actually “better” than they were before I had the recent problem.  All of my astigmatism was gone.  The very slight offset to my farsight was gone.  My far off sight was now perfect.  Even my close up sight was slightly better.  I thank the Lord for this even though I did not enjoy the process.

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