I am a Dividend Miles member of USAirways’ frequent flyer program.  I currently have around 50,000 miles.  So I travel often, usually on USAirways.  Last week I was flying to West Virginia to do a lectureship at Appalachian Bible College.  The USAirways magazine in the seat pocket in front of me (for January 2011) had a published excerpt from John Coates’ book Original Sinners.  That particular book trashes the literal approach to Genesis and the excerpt which was published was fairly clear.  The view itself is not surprising in light of the unbelieving culture in which we live.  The author has a right to express his views.  But what is surprising is that USAirways decided to step into the arena of religious views to trash the literal understanding of creation and the story of Adam and Eve.  Beyond that, how should I (a Bible-believing Christian) respond to the article presented in USAirways Magazine?  I am considering changing my airline allegiance.