Yannis Behrakis -- Reuters

The unrest in the country of Egypt is a concern for all of us.  It has the potential of altering our lives if gas prices are somehow affected.  It could also veer off in an anti-Israeli direction which will not help the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.  This humanly speaking can have disastrous impact on the world at large.

Egypt also has a role in Bible prophecy at several points.  The king of the south in Daniel 11 for example may well be the leader of Egypt as some interpreters hold.   Usually, however, when current events like this occur, there are those who will overstate the implications for prophecy.  We won’t know the ultimate implications for prophecy until the end-time events (rapture, tribulation, Second Coming, kingdom) begin to occur.  So, please refrain from overstatement in this area and stick to biblical teaching about Egypt in the latter times.