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Dr. Kaiser, Barndollar Lectures, and the Future of Israel

Last week we combined the college students with the seminary students at Baptist Bible College and Seminary to have the Barndollar Lectures with Dr. Walt Kaiser, a premier evangelical Old Testament scholar.  In spite of the fact that he was 79 years old, he connected quite well to the 18-year olds in the audience as well as the seminary students and area pastors who had come to listen to him.  Let me comment upon my encounter with Dr. Kaiser, whom I had met previously through the Evangelical Theological Society.

First, he was a humorous and down to earth fellow, in person at meals, meeting with faculty, or in the pulpit.  He was a regular guy who did not treat others in a condescending way.  He treated all of us graciously.  Second, he affirmed what our seminary believes concerning hermeneutics and Israel, namely, literal interpretation of the Bible and a distinction between Israel and the Church.  Third, as a result of these convictions, he strongly presented the future of national Israel.  In harmony with this is the affirmation of the land promises throughout Scripture.  The title of the lecture series, held Sept. 10-13, was “God’s Future for Israel and the Near East.”  The first lecture was an overview of the great promises concerning Messiah including the giving of land to Israel.

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Walter Kaiser and the Barndollar Lectures

I have more details on the Barndollar Lectures to be held at Baptist Bible College & Seminary on  September 10-13.  Dr. Walter Kaiser has confirmed the following topics for his four presentations:

Monday, “God’s Promise of the Land to Israel” – Gen 12:2-3, 7

Tuesday, “God’s Promise to Regather Israel Back to Their Land” — Jer 32

Wednesday, “God’s Promise to Revive the Nation and Unify it Once Again”–Eze 37

Thursday, “God’s Gift of a Revival in Egypt”–Isa 19

We look forward to having Dr. Kaiser minister to our students through these messages.  His clear teaching on the national and land promises to Israel has been a blessing down through the years. 

Thank You Dr. Aubrey Malphurs

Next week Aubrey Malphurs will be here for our annual Barndollar Lectures (September 19-22).  Dr. Malphurs was one of my teachers when I was at Dallas Seminary.  I once went to see him to talk about church planting which had been in my heart for several years.  He gave me the famous DISC test and interpreted it for me in relation to whether I was “wired” to be a church planter.  The conclusion was that I was wired for that.  Later I planted New Life Baptist Church in Scranton, PA.  I would probably not have done such a thing if I had not had encouragement from Dr. Malphurs.

Tommy Ice and the Barndollar Lectures

A couple of weeks ago we had my good friend Dr. Tommy Ice present “The History of the Doctrine of the Rapture” in the Barndollar Lectures at BBS.  Some of the things I appreciated about Tommy’s presentation are the following:

1.  He did not try to force the pre-trib rapture into the early church fathers when it was not there.

2.  He helped us to understand that some people in history like Bede who are taken to hold to a pre-trib rapture by some hold to a conflagration view, not a pre-trib rapture view.

3.  He helped us to know with hard historical facts that the pre-trib rapture doctrine predates Darby.

4.  He helped me especially to put some things together that I had not seen.  From my dissertation research on Arno C. Gaebelein I had run across Emile Guers, a pastor in Geneva, who had been influenced partly by Darby in 1837ff.  Guers later wrote a book in the 1850s entitled The Future of Israel.  This book teaches a 3 1/2 year tribulation not a 7 year tribulation, but it has a rapture before the trib.   Dr. Ice pointed out that Darby held to only a 3 1/2 year tribulation until the middle 1840s.  It was later that Daniel’s 70 weeks are brought into the discussions that were then going on relative to the tribulation.  So now I feel like I understand the early dispensational thinking of the 1830s a little better.

Ice, Malphurs, and Kaiser for Barndollar Lectures

I am thankful that the Barndollar Lectures at Baptist Bible Seminary are set for the next three years:

Sept 20-23, 2010 Dr. Tommy Ice
Sept 19-22, 2011 Dr. Aubrey Malphurs
Sept 10-13, 2012 Dr. Walt Kaiser

Dr. Ice will speak this coming September on “The History of the Doctrine of the Rapture.” We are grateful that we have quality scholars and individuals who can impact our student body in this forum.

Barndollar Lectures

I am delighted to announce that my good friend Dr. Tommy Ice, Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center and Study Group, will be the speaker for the Barndollar Lectures on September 20-23, 2010. The topic for the series of lectures will be “The History of the Doctrine of the Rapture.” Dr. Ice has done quite a bit of work in this area and will present formal papers for the lectures.