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Another Homegoing of a Great Christian Man

Roy ZuckMany blogs started to go up over the weekend when word was received that Dr. Roy Zuck went home to be with the Lord late Saturday.  He was Academic Dean at Dallas Theological Seminary for most of the time I was a student at DTS.  I thought it was appropriate for me also to share my memories of a man of such character as Dr. Zuck.  He is greatly loved and respected, especially by those in the DTS family, but also by many evangelicals outside the seminary family who appreciated his contribution to teaching, theology, and publishing.

I was a New Testament major in my STM at Dallas.  Having obtained an M.Div. at Liberty Baptist Seminary, I did not have as many opportunities to have contact with Dr. Zuck as did the DTS Th.M. students.  In fact, I never had a formal for credit class with him (which is disappointing).   

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BBS Seminary Student Wins Book of the Year Award

Bruce Baker, a Ph.D. student at Baptist Bible Seminary, has recently won the 2010 Book of the Year Award in the category of Christian Living for the Christian Small Publishers Association.  His work is Spiritual Maturity: The Road to Wonderland published by Grace Acres Press.  Bruce’s book came out of course work in the Ph.D. program at BBS.  However, he writes for the Church and not just for academics.  Bruce creatively and powerfully uses the images of Alice in Wonderland from Lewis Caroll’s classic nineteenth-century works to illustrate a clear exposition of mostly Pauline texts concerning how Christians are to grow in their walk with Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit.  I predict that this work will become a standard tool for study in our churches.  I would like to think that Bruce’s work shows that one can work in the doctoral program at BBS without losing his zeal for the local church and the spiritual growth of individuals in our churches.


I need to let my friends know that my commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians is now out (The Books of First and Second Thessalonians: Looking for Christ’s Return, AMG Publishers).  At it is listed at the astronomical price (I suppose pre-publication sale in reverse!) of over $170.  I assure you it is not that expensive.  It retails for $19.99. If you have any questions about anything I say about Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, don’t hesitate to ask.